DICE 2013

DICE Competition & Exhibition is an annual event aimed at fostering Innovation culture in Pakistan by motivating academia, industry and entrepreneurs to come to a common platform to showcase innovations and technologies, share knowledge and further collaborate with each other for the rapid development of Innovative products, necessary for the economic development of the country.


  • To promote and establish a strong linkage between Academia and industry
  • To provide a common platform for both academia and industry to interact, collaborate, and share innovative ideas and concepts
  • To increase understanding of knowledge exchange as a concept
  • To expedite the process of technology revolution in Pakistan by motivating both academia and industry to acquire, promote and utilize state of the art technologies and software for the rapid development of innovative products
  • To create an image of Pakistan in international community as a nation rich in high tech workforce, fully capable of developing innovative products and providing high-tech services to the rest of the world


Academia Participation



  • Group A:   Engineering & Technology, Computer Sciences and Information Technology

  • Group B:  Physical Sciences and Agricultural Sciences

  • Group C:  Arts & Humanities, Business and Social Sciences

  • Group D:  Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences and Veterinary Sciences

Important Dates:

  • June 25:  Submission of Project Title, Project Summary and Names of Team Members

  • July 15: Notification of Initial Acceptance of Projects

  • August 25:  Deadline for Submission of Detailed Project Description by the Participants

  • October 1:  Inaugural Ceremony, Symposium, Exhibition and Competitions

  • October 2:  Exhibition, Prize Distribution and Closing Ceremony


  • DICE 2012 UET, Taxila

  • DICE 2011 UET, Peshawar

  • DICE 2010 IST, Islamabad

  • DICE 2009 COMSATS , Lahore

  • DICE 2008 NED, UET Karachi

  • DICE 2007 EME College, NUST, Rawalpindi

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